Pathos is for those who brake the rules. 
Don’t afraid addictions, keep enjoying them.
Neroli: Offers antiseptic, tonic, cleansing, anti-inflamattory, emollient, moisturizing, antibacterial and sedative properties. Promotes cell renewal. It’s sweet, green floral scent is gentle enough for dry or sensitive skin types, aiding the complexion of mature skin, stretch marks and existing scars. 

Coffee: Offers antioxidant, astringent, exfoliate, sun protection, reduce cellulite, deodorize properties. Caffeine reduces as well as heal acne breakouts, fade age spots and reduces wrinkles. Restores skins firmness, rids puffiness and tightens as well as tones skin by flushing out excess fluid. Caffeine when applied topically to the skin can protect against damage caused by UV radiation.
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