A high quality, classic oregano. When we started our research, we were surprised to discover that Oregano is not “one” herb, but rather a generic name used to define over 40 different plants around the world. According to botanical scientists, Greece happens to be where some of the most praised varieties thrive.

Sourcing: Our suppliers are organic farmers who run a natural farm on a little known, mountainous village of the Peloponnese. Our oregano grows surrounded by walnut and chestnut trees, in a beautiful landscape with great views. Rich in essential oils, pungent and peppery, this is what we call all-purpose oregano here at Daphnis and Chloe.

How to use: Oregano is a staple spice of Mediterranean cooking. From Greek salad to Italian pizza you’ll find innumerate recipes where to use it. Greeks love using it along with a squeeze of lemon on meat grills and roast potatoes.

Handmade Bouquet, 30g/1.06oz

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